Become a high-performing finance professional

Nicolas Boucher
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Steal my tips to become more efficient, bring more value to your company and level up your career!

How would I describe this course in one sentence:

This is the course I would create for myself if I was going to teach the younger me all the secrets to be a successful finance professional.

Why you need to take this course:

- You want to get more efficient and add more value to your business

- You don’t have access to appropriate coaching to improve your performance

- You are stuck in a routine and you feel you have hit a roadblock

- You don’t find appropriate resource online that can help you with improving your work

- You want to bring your career to the next level

Who the course is for:

- Any finance professional with the motivation to improve his soft and technical skills

- Finance professionals wanting to transition in a role with more analysis, forecasting and business partnering activities

- Students wanting to learn real world professional skills directly applicable to your next position in Finance

🔑 How you can benefit from my experience:

I have 13 years of experience working as a financial auditor for a Big 4 firm and having different finance leadership roles in a multi-national company.

During my career, I have trained, coached and managed more than 100 people on auditing, controlling, accounting, Excel and Powerpoint.

I share practical content on finance with more than 16,000 finance professionals on LinkedIn and 2,000 subscribers to my newsletter.

📚 What you will learn:

1) How to analyse variances
- Analyse sales and margin variances, including product mix (PVM Method)
- Understand cost variances
- How to calculate project variances

2) How to perform quick analysis
- Identify insights from raw data
- Link financial figures with operational data
- Learn how to make back-of-the-envelope calculations
- Headcount related KPI and analysis
- Understand how you can use variance, profitability and sensibility analysis to bring insights to your company
- Sales Forecasting

3) How to make your reporting faster
- Find ways to simplify your reporting
- Automate your reporting
- Build a process to accelerate your reporting

4) How to be a better business partner
- Understand the needs of your business partner
- Manage demand and deadlines
- Translate business events into financials
- How to make convincing finance presentations
- Storytelling with figures and charts

5) How to make Excel and PowerPoint work for you
- The main Excel functions I use which make me more efficient
- Learn how to use the rights Charts in Excel
- Transform your slides into a visually attractive and convincing business presentation with a specific Powerpoint function
- Automate your presentations

✅ You'll get access to:

- Self-paced multi-part video series that walks you through actionable knowledge for your job in finance

- 65 on-demand videos which you can cherry pick and rewatch based on your priorities

- PDF of the course handout

- Excel templates to help you leverage your learnings of this course

📈 Pricing

If you value your career, 180 should be a no brainer. There are courses selling for 10x this price. And don't forget, you can likely expense this course with your employer!

If you're unhappy with the product, I will happily refund you, no questions asked (in the limit of the first 30 days).

For more questions, contact me by direct messages on LinkedIn or

🗣 What others say about me:

Note: this course is made on my own capacity and is independent from my employer.

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Become a high-performing finance professional

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