Become a high-performing finance professional

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Become a high-performing finance professional

Nicolas Boucher
14 ratings

For ambitious finance professionals who want to accelerate their FP&A career.

How would I describe this course in one sentence:

This is the course I would create for myself if I was going to teach the younger me all the secrets to be a successful finance professional.

What other finance professionals are saying:

Already more than 200 finance professionals took the course. Join them now!

Why you need to take this course:

- You are sick of your role in accounting and want to move to FP&A

- You are a new FP&A analyst but you don’t have access to appropriate coaching to improve your performance

- You are stuck in a routine and you feel you have hit a roadblock

- You don’t find appropriate resource online that can help you with improving your work

- You want to increase your salary

Who the course is for:

- Any finance professional with the motivation to improve his/her soft and technical skills

- Finance professionals wanting to transition in a role with more analysis, forecasting and business partnering activities

- Students wanting to learn real world professional skills directly applicable to your next position in Finance

🔑 How you can benefit from my experience:

I have 14 years of experience working as a financial auditor for a Big 4 firm and having different finance leadership roles in a multi-national company.

During my career, I have trained, coached and managed more than 200 people on auditing, controlling, accounting, Excel and Powerpoint.

I share practical content on finance with more than 100,000 finance professionals on LinkedIn and more than 5,000 subscribers to my newsletter.

📚 What you will learn:

1) How to analyse variances
- Analyse sales and margin variances, including product mix (PVM Method)
- Understand cost variances
- How to calculate project variances

2) How to perform quick analysis
- Identify insights from raw data
- Link financial figures with operational data
- Learn how to make back-of-the-envelope calculations
- Headcount related KPI and analysis
- Understand how you can use variance, profitability and sensibility analysis to bring insights to your company
- Sales Forecasting

3) How to make your reporting faster
- Find ways to simplify your reporting
- Automate your reporting
- Build a process to accelerate your reporting

4) How to be a better business partner
- Understand the needs of your business partner
- Manage demand and deadlines
- Translate business events into financials
- How to make convincing finance presentations
- Storytelling with figures and charts

5) How to make Excel and PowerPoint work for you
- The main Excel functions I use which make me more efficient
- Learn how to use the rights Charts in Excel
- Transform your slides into a visually attractive and convincing business presentation with a specific Powerpoint function
- Automate your presentations

✅ You'll get access to:

- 100% Self-paced multi-part video series that walks you through actionable knowledge for your job in finance

- 78 on-demand videos which you can cherry pick and rewatch based on your priorities

- PDF of the course handout (274 pages)

- 17 Excel templates to help you leverage your learnings of this course

📈 Pricing

If you value your career, 290 should be a no brainer. There are courses selling for 10x this price. And don't forget, you can likely expense this course with your employer!

If you're unhappy with the product, I will happily refund you, no questions asked (in the limit of the first 30 days).

The price is before VAT (in some countries Gumroad will have to collect VAT).

For more questions, contact me by direct messages on LinkedIn or nboucher.pro@gmail.com

🗣 What others say about me:


"Nicolas, I had a look at the content. I can see its very impressive, well done." Colm from Ireland

"Pace is nice and the short segmented videos was a nice way to set up the course." Angela from USA

"I am going through your course and its amazing. Each and everything you explained nicely." Subhasis from India

"I have done a big mistake not taking this course before.
I was failed in one interview 2 weeks back and I am seeing now that all the answers were in your course."
Pankaj from Germany

Finance professionals from my network:

Note: this course is made on my own capacity and is independent from my employer.

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