ChatGPT for Finance

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Leverage AI to Boost your Productivity and Accelerate your Career

Don't let the robots take your job.

Instead, master AI to make yourself irreplaceable and become more valuable than your peers.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to master the use of technology to secure your future
  • You want to learn how to use ChatGPT to boost your productivity
  • You heard about ChatGPT and AI but you don't know where to start

In this course you will learn:

  • How to start using ChatGPT with a step-by-step instruction
  • How to use ChatGPT to guide you in your financial analysis
  • How to use ChatGPT to create Excel Formulas
  • How to use ChatGPT to write Procedures
  • How to use ChatGPT to write emails
  • How to ask the right questions to ChatGPT (and get high valuable output you can use for your work)
  • And much more!

Preview of the video course (section ChatGPT for Financial Analysis)

You have the choice between 2 plans:

Full Plan: Video Course + PDF Guide + 450 prompts: $461 price for you: $197

  • 2h of self paced video course (value $297)
  • PDF Guide of 92 pages (value $97)
  • 450 Prompts (value $67)
  • Total value $461 price for you: $197

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Preview of the video Course (section ChatGPT for problem solving)

PDF Plan: PDF Guide only: $97 $27

  • Guide of 92 pages in PDF format
  • Step-by-step instruction to start using ChatGPT
  • 24 real use case of ChatGPT for Finance
  • In each use case you will learn the goal of the use case and the key prompt to use
  • For each use case you get the screenshots of the results and a transcript of the results which you can copy and tailor for your own use
  • Bonus: introduction to other AI tools
  • The $27 PDF plan does not include the video. Please select the self-paced video course plan to get the video.

Table of content of the 92 pages PDF

More than 5000 people already took my guide or my course to become ChatGPT Champions.
See what some of them have to say:

Christian Wattig (FP&A Thought Leader): "I bought Nicolas's ChatGPT guide. It’s thoroughly researched, well organized, and gives a comprehensive view of how Finance teams can use the tool to do their jobs more efficiently.
Highly recommended!"

Adam Shilton (Finance Tech Expert): "Nicolas has taken his 14 years finance experience, and produced a 92 page guide on ChatGPT with 22 real uses cases for finance pros + step by step instructions. I particularly like the examples where he uses ChatGPT to communicate finance ideas to non-finance professionals"

Prabhat Kala (AR Specialist): "Truly a best guide...!!"

Muragu Ndung'u (Digital Marketing Manager): "Very insightful Nicolas Boucher!
ChatGPT has endless use cases for finance professionals from idea generation to creating finance procedures, it can help streamline daily tasks, save time, and increase productivity.
Your 92-page guide is a valuable resource for those looking to incorporate AI into their finance work and enhance their skills."

MitaliTita (Director - Fractional Accounting Services): "This is super effective and helpful!"

Prabhat Kala (Account Payables Specialist): You made it easy for us...!! Thank you..!!

Why I made this course and why I am legitimate to make it:

I am Nicolas Boucher, a Finance Thought Leader with more than 800,000 followers.

I have 15+ years of experience in Finance management roles for multinationals and leading audit firms.

I have trained and coached more than 5000 finance professionals on ChatGPT for Finance.

I created this course to help all Finance professionals make the best out of ChatGPT and secure their future in a fast changing environment.

For any question: use subject: "Question about ChatGPT"

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92 Pages PDF with 24 real use cases of ChatGPT for Finance

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ChatGPT for Finance

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